SqueezeScrobbler and Squeezebox Server 7.4


I’ve been missing LastFM on my Squeezeboxes for quite a while (see this and related posts), so I was excited to see this post, announcing support for the new LastFM service.

Unfortunately, I had already upgraded my Squeezebox server to the latest server software release (7.4) and the new SqueezeScrobbler-1.2.6 (available from here) did not work for me either.

Well, I really missed LastFM, so I hacked away an evening and got it working. To give it a spin, download either the quick patch I made or the patched par file.

UPDATE: the patch below has been integrated in SqueezeScrobbler-1.2.7.


I’m listening to LastFM right now and scrobbling seems to work. There are a few issues though:

  • When choosing a station from the web interface, the layout of the frame is messed up. This is on Firefox – on Internet Explorer it looks fine.
  • The length of the LastFM tracks are not displayed and there’s no progress bar on the web interface.
  • Playing from the same LastFM account with different players over the same server did not really work (playback stopped after one track, connecting to LastFM failed intermittently).

I’m not sure if any of this has anything to do with my hacking.

Anyway, while we wait for an update of either SqueezeScrobbler or the SlimScrobbler plugin shipped with Squeezebox Server, you’re welcome to download and use this at your own risk – and have fun :-)

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