Scientific Linux on a SUN X4500 “Thumper”

k3_j4500-array_1-300x239Last week I got my hands on a SUN X4500 (code name “Thumper”), which is the beast of a file server that my university group is considering to buy for our ATLAS data storage needs. The big question is whether to run Solaris or Linux on the thing. In other words: what is more painful:

1) Getting Scientific Linux to run on the X4500


2) Getting the grid software that we use to run on Solaris.

I opted for the first choice and did some throughput tests which look promising. See my document:

I would be interested in comparing with IOZone benchmarks under Solaris (with ZFS).

UPDATE: The Mathematica notebook mentioned in the paper is available here.

One thought on “Scientific Linux on a SUN X4500 “Thumper”

  1. rene simon


    I wonder if you made any progress here.
    Even if it is not suitable for you with the buch of controler ..
    I made the experience tha the LVM reduces the performance by 30%.

    The other doubt I have .. If you use disk with about 60 MB/s raw write performances .. why not profit from them?
    My assumption is: the general purpose file system for large and small and parallel access works fine in average for general purpose application but not for application with large sequencial data pattern.
    specially when I think about the filligree inode concept .. the number of redircection before accessing a block of 4KB

    Would it not be worth to invest once in an optimized filesystem and than save a lot for using HW on the upper performance edge?


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