Long due update

The summer is almost back again, and it seems I’ve been too busy to even keep this weblog up to date. So, here is a run-down of at least my travels this past year:

The Film Festival in Locarno

The Piazza Grande.

Pardo atmosphere.
Photo by “Wernerino”.

For the fifth time, the traditional excursion to the south of Switzerland to spend a couple of days inhaling the atmosphere of laid back vacation and Zueri-chic people on the border of the Lago Maggiore – and, of course, watch movies.

Meeting in Manno

Another meeting of the CHIPP computing board. This time in our computing centre in Manno. I gave two presentations.

Autum in Switzerland was as always beautiful, and especially this year :-) ; here on the Salève:

Saleve view

Berlin December 2005
Spent a weekend in Berlin, staying at a friend’s place in Prenzlauer Berg, and danced tango on 3 of the many nice places. On one of them in the afternoon, with coffee and cake!

We liked it so much we decided to come back in March!

IMG 0024

Christmas in Denmark and New Year’s eve in Zurich

Copenhagen, Krarup (Sydfyn), Aarhus. Sledging in Aarhus was fun. Here, a view over the roofs of Aarhus from Cabo:

Denmark Christmas 2005 074

Winter in Switzerland

Here a view on Lac Léman on a walk during a winter visit from Zurich:


Usability in E-Science in Edinburgh

Paper accepted at a conference at the National E-science Centre in Edinburgh:

Edinburgh January 009

- covering usability and grid computing.

I met some interesting people and found out that my personal view, that usability is somewhat lacking in much of today’s grid technology was not as unique as I thought :-)

CHEP 06 in Mumbai

Mumbai February 2006 032

A fantastic journey! According to our guide:”there’s no danger in walking around Bombay, the really dangerous are the rich people, the poor have a heart of gold”. I tend to agree.

A week in this boiling 3rd world metropolis, albeit mostly at the TIFR and the hotel.

One talk and two posters.

March in Berlin

Very cold! But luckily a very nice and cosy apartment in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg. As far as I can see the most charming place to be. Lots of nice restaurants and cafes. Even got some work done too – on GridPilot.

Foraar 2006 096

At the end of the month we went a couple of days to Barcelona and got a taste of spring. I gave a talk at the Autonomous University.

Foraar 2006 025

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