Squeezebox and the new LastFM API


Since my last post about SqueezeScrobbler on my Squeezebox, I’ve enjoyed 3 years of LastFM listening on Squeezeboxes, Linux and Mac boxes, iPhones and iPads.

Well, this fall, LastFM announced that they would hit my listening pleasure with dual strikes: deprecation of the old API and discontinuation of the radio service in other countries than the US, UK and Germany. And indeed, in December, SqueezeScrobbler/LastFM again stopped working.

Back to hacking. I’ve updated SqueezeScrobbler-1.2.9 to use the new, 2.0, API. Trying it out is a bit more cumbersome than last time, so you may want to just wait for my patch to make it into a new official release.

For the impatient ones, below’s a patch against 1.2.9. To make it work, you’ll have to fill in $api_key and $api_secret in the file “LastFM.pm”. How to obtain such credentials is documented on the LastFM API documentation pages.

For me, as of today, this buys me 6 more days of LastFM listening. After that, I guess we’ll have to consider moving to another country :-) .


Obviously, use this software at your own risk – and have fun.

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