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This is a sequel to two previous posts on the subject of listening to on my squeezeboxes.

Since my last post on on the subject, the number of ‘squeezeboxes’ in my home has actually grown – with of a couple of OpenSqueeze boxes. These boxes are simply boxed Cubieboard2 boards with Cubian Linux (a minimal Debian derivative) and Squeezelite installed. The board is quite capable: I plugged in a small USB wireless adapter and installed Shairport – thus ending up with a very small music player that can can either be used as a Squeezebox or streamed to from iPhones and iPads.

As was to be expected, in the intervening two years, streaming lastfm recommendations on my Squeezeboxes has not become easier – in fact I had given up.’s public API simply no longer has any calls to get track recommendations – only artist recommendations and loved tracks. Well, what I want for my cooking and dish washing is not only what I already know – and I don’t want only top tracks by a recommended artist – I want quality recommendations – treating me to a nice, relaxing blend of discovering new music and enjoying stuff I know and love (neither of them necessarily popular). The old lastfm channels ‘mix’ and ‘recommendations’ are good at that. Unfortunately they are only available on their web site – not via the API and not via their mobile player. Dunno what’s going on here, but I suppose they want to drive as many as possible to their web site. Though I wonder if that’s a sane business choice, they’re of course in their full right to do this.

And I’m of course in my full right to look for workarounds – and lo and behold, after coming across the Spotibot site, I cooked up a combo that does the trick – for now:

  • A slightly extended version of the excellent Spotify plugin by triode. I’m using version 2.3.7. The extensions simply add 5 new menu items to the front menu of the plugin: “LastFM Spotibot mix”, “LastFM Spotibot recommended”, “LastFM Spotibot loved”, “LastFM library”, “Save now playing to Spotify”.
  • A script called by this slightly extended plugin to get recommendations from Spotibot.
  • A modified version of the AudioScrobbler plugin by Logitech. I’m running version 1.0 – that comes with Logitech Media Server 7.7.3. The modifications serve to use the public and current lastfm API instead of the ‘proxy’ API still served by Logitech, but apparently not supporting ‘love’ and ‘ban’. This modified version talks directly to and supports ‘love’ and ‘ban’ – at least it works for me.
  • Downloads

    Files for triode’s Spotify plugin:

Support file:

Files for Logitech’s AudioScrobbler plugin:


  • Back up your Spotify and AudioScrobbler plugins
  • Verify you’re running the same versions of the plugins as I: Spotify plugin v2.3.7, AudioScrobbler v1.0
  • If you’re not running these versions, you may give it a try anyway, but you’re on your own – and be prepared to do some hacking
  • Copy “” to “/usr/local/bin”
  • Copy the plugin files listed above to the relevant plugin directories – overwriting existing files
  • Re-enter your lastfm credentials in your server settings (under Plugins/AudioScrobbler)

Have fun!

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