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keep scrobbling. But it’s not exactly getting easier…

2017-01-01 08.04.35 pm

This is a sequel to three previous posts on the subject of listening to on my squeezeboxes.

Well, the recommendation feature of the Spotibot service stopped working after a while, so for at least a year now, I’ve been listening to my own library (loved tracks and my local stuff).

Although it’s a rather large library and I’ve been enjoying rehearing old songs, it was taking it’s toll on my cooking and dish-washing joy.

So, I decided, enough is enough and 2 days of my Christmas vacation more or less went with hacking away in Perl, Javascript, Bash and PHP on these old side-projects of mine.

Check it out here:

2017-01-01 08.06.40 pm

Done now. It ain’t pretty and it ain’t fast, but it gets the job done. And I’ve even discovered some new cool stuff along the way (jq and phantomjs). As seen on the screenshots, I’ve implemented full and rich support for recommendations and am just starting to explore the various options myself.

And boy it rocks. Music tastes are what they are – personal; recommendations are good or bad – matching the taste or not. And so far, I’m happy to report, recommendations are still quality stuff. Looking forward to a brand new year of discovering new music.

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