Old news

Here are some older posts carried over from a previous log:

November 2004: This summer I moved into a spacious old apartment in St-Jean, Geneva; a quiet neighbourhood close to the city centre.

April 2004: I’ve made a CERN homepage describing my work: cern.ch/Frederik.Orellana/

Oktober 2002: Started working as maître-assistant at the university of Geneva; effectively working at CERN in the LCG group.

June 2002: Thesis turned in 23rd of May. Final exam passed 17th of June.

April 2002: Thesis turned in 5th of March. That is, the cover page turned in with the rest to follow within 2 months. Charged pion scattering finished. Writing up manual for PHI.

November 2001: New apartment in Kreis 3 in Zurich, very nice. Deadline for thesis: January 2002. Working on charged pion scattering.

April 2001: Back in Switzerland. We have finished two publications (available here and here) working on a new version of FeynCalc and some new calculations.

November 2000: Back in Denmark for now; living in Copenhagen, office at the Niels Bohr Institute.

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