FeynCalc status, August 2000

Here’s a status report, following Rolf’s visit in Zurich:

Present state

Over the years, many tools for calculations in QCD and OPE have been included, reflecting the interests of the author. Also, support for ChPT has been contributed as an extra module.

We regard it as important that a standardized notation has emerged for quantities like quantum fields, momenta, Dirac algebraic quantities, SU(N) algebraic quantities, etc.

As of version 4.1, FeynCalc has a modularized structure allowing new models and tools to be added easily and to have several developers each responsible for their part of FeynCalc.

To do

1) More calculations; which should be committed back to the web site www.feyncalc.org for others to learn from and debug.

2) More documentation, including documentation of all subpackages.

3) More two-loop support.

4) More field-theory models.


FeynCalc has been open-sourced and put into a CVS repository at www.feyncalc.org. People interested in contributing can get in touch at feyncalc AT feyncalc.org.

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