Fejø on my mind


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Been home two days now, but the two days on Fejø last week still resonate: Gorgeous collection of moments. And a tour de force of musicianship. Check it out yourself.

The program does not do full justice to the workload of the musicians. “Musik af: Ravel, Purcell …” actually covered a performance of Ravel’s duo for violin and cello by Carl-Oscar Østerlind and Christian Ellegard. On top of that came improvised performances at the ‘Mill’ and the ‘Warehouse’ – including touching renderings plus improvisations over ‘The Parting Glass’ and the Carl Nielsen song ‘Tit er jeg glad’ (og vil dog gerne græde). And I have the feeling things were just getting started when I left.

The interspersed “digtoplæsninger” covered a reading by Pablo Llambias of love poems by one of our 19th-century poets (Emil Aarestrup). Mostly for Danes I guess, but nice none the less.

Quite a gathering. And that list is not even complete – Nikolaj Hess is missing. Which is certainly not fair. Not after this. DSCH 4ever! All in all, a healthy mix of improvisation and chamber music repertoire – delivered with passion and charm.

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