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SuperSuper – 2×40


This year my twin brother and me celebrated our birthday at his place, Århus.

Here‘s a nice example of what cloud computing can do :-)

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We’ve moved to Copenhagen! We packed our stuff in a rented van in Geneva in November and drove all the way up through Germany. After 3 months on Nørrebro, we’re now living in an apartment on Christianshavn – I’m working at the Niels Bohr Institute. It’s cold here, but we like it :-)

Bedroom view

Back in Denmark, winter 2006/2007

Vacation in Denmark

Back for a few days in good old Denmark. Started on southern Fyn – wonderful region at this time of year.

Fyn 1 7 2005 023

Denmark, summer 2005

We got in the air – a web site for the local church.

Then Copenhagen, and a family gathering on Lolland, Copenhagen again, then Aarhus, Fyn again and Copenhagen again.


New lamp designed by my brother Vagn and me, drawn by Vagn

SL 501

SL 0501

and made by the workshop at my old institute in Zurich.

Went there today and got the thing, all in 2 mm steel, very, very heavy. Still need to brush the front, but put it up and in my humble opinion it looks good.

New site!

Well, here we go with a new site using the WordPress blogging software. Here you have a picture of my staircase today on my way out into a beautiful spring afternoon,



and a magnificent view of the Rhone and the Arve a 5 min. walk away,



Old news

Here are some older posts carried over from a previous log:

November 2004: This summer I moved into a spacious old apartment in St-Jean, Geneva; a quiet neighbourhood close to the city centre.

April 2004: I’ve made a CERN homepage describing my work:

Oktober 2002: Started working as maître-assistant at the university of Geneva; effectively working at CERN in … Read the rest