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Booting Ubuntu-14.04 cloud images without a cloud


So, Ubuntu-14.04, Trusty Tahr, is out; and booting the cloud images requires a bit more hacking than booting the 12.04 cloud images. Here goes:

Get the image, resize and loop-back mount it:

qemu-img convert -c -O qcow2 trusty-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img trusty-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1_30GB.qcow2
qemu-img resize trusty-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1_30GB.qcow2 30G
sudo modprobe nbd
sudo qemu-nbd -c /dev/nbd0 `pwd`/trusty-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1_30GB.qcow2
ls image || mkdir image
sudo … Read the rest

Booting Ubuntu-12.04 cloud images without a cloud


I was recently asking myself why the P2V concept has not been more fully embraced by the open-source community – and generalized to V2C, virtual machine to cloud instance. From a scientific computing perspective, it would be ideal to seamlessly be able to prototype a data analysis in a virtual machine on a laptop and then run large-scale data … Read the rest

Backup Google Drive / Docs

Cloud storage is often used for backup, but finding myself relying more and more on cloud-only documents, I felt a need for backup in the opposite direction: backing up my entire Google Drive to local storage – preserving the folder hierarchy. I was not able to find a script that does this, so I wrote one myself. I chose … Read the rest

Awesome Note + Google Drive


For a long time I’ve been looking for a note-taking app that:

1) is available as an iPhone/iPad app ✔

2) synchronizes to either my own server or Google Docs/Drive ✔

3) has a web interface

4) supports organization of notes in hierarchical folders

5) has “todo” functionality (creation and due dates) ✔

6) allows assignment of priorities ✔

This … Read the rest

Squeezebox and the new LastFM API


Since my last post about SqueezeScrobbler on my Squeezebox, I’ve enjoyed 3 years of LastFM listening on Squeezeboxes, Linux and Mac boxes, iPhones and iPads.

Well, this fall, LastFM announced that they would hit my listening pleasure with dual strikes: deprecation of the old API and discontinuation of the radio service in other countries than the US, UK and Germany. … Read the rest

Headweb on Boxee Beta


I’m quite happy with my small HTPC running Boxee on Ubuntu. The hardware is a Zotac Ion board with an Atom CPU and an Nvidia graphics card. Both software and hardware have their issues, but after enough hacking I’ve a setup that gets the job done wrt. watching movies off my file server. My main gripe has been the lack … Read the rest

Browser certificate and key export

This is a follow-up post to my previous post “Front door locks”.

I’m happy to announce a little utility that exports TCS certificate/keys to the hard disk – more precisely to your “.globus” directory where grid tools expect to find them.

Here follows instructions on how to use it:

First, you of course need to have some TCS credentials … Read the rest

Collapse again

Just updated the Collapse plugin a bit: when linking to anchors deep inside collapsed sections, the parent are unfolded all the way up, so the anchor is actually shown.




* Positioning on the page after (un)folding can be somewhat imprecise on large pages. If you don’t need persistence, you can turn it off in the script … Read the rest

Zimbra, ldif and backup

I usually spend some evenings in the quiet days between Christmas and new year to clean up my personal information stuff and this year is no exception. After many years of increasing amounts of emails per year, this year the number of both received and sent mail seems to have stabilized. Anyway, this year is a bit special, in that … Read the rest

WP-DownloadManager and WPMU

This post is just in case someone else tries to get WP-DownloadManager to work under WPMU with subdirectories (as opposed to subdomains).

I had to follow the advice given here and replace




in the Download Templates.

Moreover I had to choose “Redirect to File” under “Download Options” and of course use a directory that was actually served.

Image rollovers plugin for WordPress

Image rollovers in WordPress posts?

Not the most obvious thing to have in blog posts, but rollovers can be nice to have on static pages – especially if you use WordPress to build full web sites.

I would’ve thought someone had already done a plugin for this, but was not able to find one. So this afternoon I threw one … Read the rest