Awesome Note + Google Drive


For a long time I’ve been looking for a note-taking app that:

1) is available as an iPhone/iPad app ✔

2) synchronizes to either my own server or Google Docs/Drive ✔

3) has a web interface

4) supports organization of notes in hierarchical folders

5) has “todo” functionality (creation and due dates) ✔

6) allows assignment of priorities ✔

This has until now been a fruitless search – primarily because of 3 and 4, and I’ve ended up using Awesome Note. The ticks above indicate what Awesome Note supports. Awesome Note is indeed awesome – especially after they’ve fixed the Google sync issues that plagued them for a some time. The additional diary and calendar features are particularly cool. Still, of the 6 points, 3 and 4 are not ticked of – which is a big deal for me, meaning that I’ve only used Awesome Note for notes and not made use of the nice todo and calendar integration features.

Well, to cut to the chase: I decided to hack my way out and sort of implement 4 and also make the notes synced to Google Drive more organized. To be specific, I’ve implemented a script,, that on Google Drive:

- “moves” notes with slashes in their title into a corresponding folder hierarchy in a specified subfolder
- “moves” notes into folders “1″, “2″,.. “5″ according to number of stars

Notice that “moving” a note into a folder simply means adding the folder to the list of parent folders (collections) of the note. A concrete example should help understand:

Say that on Google Drive I have e.g. 3 notes in my “Todo” folder (which is a subfolder of “Awesome Note”), each with a number of stars indicating their priority:

- “Work/Project1/Write plan” ★★
- “Work/Project1/Hire developers” ★★★
- “Home/fix bike” ★

Running my script,, will create folder (collection) hierarchies and place notes as illustrated below:

→     Work
→     →     “Project1″
→     →     →     “Write plan”
→     →     →     “Hire developers”
→     Home
→     →     “Fix bike”
→     1
→     →     “Fix bike”
→     2
→     →     “Write plan”
→     3
→     →     “Hire developers”

If you want to try this out yourself, here’s my setup: python-2.6.2, gdata-2.0.14 and strongly modified versions of,, and from gdatacopier-2.1.2. BTW: this is Linux only.



  • download and install gdata-2.0.14
  • download and place the above python scripts somewhere on your $PATH
  • make them executable
  • customize folder IDs and paths in – to get the IDs, use or mouseover in the Google Drive web interface
  • for convenience: hard-code your Google email address in the python scripts

Now just run and lean back while your Todo notes are being organized in folders.

Obviously, use this software at your own risk – and have fun.

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