About me

I’m an IT professional and researcher, specializing in building infrastructure for science. By education I’m a physicist, with a diploma from the University of Aarhus (Denmark) and a PhD in theoretical particle physics from the University of Zurich. Before returning to Denmark in 2006, I worked for 4 years at the university of Geneva and at CERN. In Switzerland I was involved in developing the Swiss e-science infrastructure, in particular with a distributed system for processing data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. In Denmark, I’ve led a Danish distributed computing project and carried out research on resource provisioning in distributed systems, data provenance, virtualization, security and user interfaces for large-scale data processing. Currently I’m based at the Technical University of Denmark, leading a project with the aim of building a cloud services for research.

Current projects

DeIC – compute and storage services for research at Danish universities.

Past projects

The Swiss ATLAS computing infrastructure – the coordinated creation of 3 compute and storage sites for Swiss CERN/LCG/ATLAS physicists. I was driving the effort, managing the Geneva-site and co-managing the site at the Swiss National Computing Centre (CSCS). We ended up with an infrastructure that is still intensively used by Swiss researchers, is fully integrated in the worldwide CERN/LCG/ATLAS computing infrastructure and eventually became the Swiss National Grid Association (SwiNG).

Savannah@CERN – my first assignment at CERN – replacing their old, commercial ticketing system with an open-source solution with more popular appeal. At the point in time, we opted for Savannah, engaged in a fruitful collaboration with the open-source/GNU community behind it and ended up with a service that’s still in operation today, servicing 300+ projects and 8000+ users.

Virtual laboratories and high performance computing – a faculty-funded, research project, aiming at providing local ATLAS physicists with the infrastructure and tools to do distributed, large-scale data simulation and processing from their laptop.

grid::dk – a Danish research project on distributed computing I was leading. We worked on interfaces to large computing facilities at the Danish universities.

NEON – a Nordic cloud feasibility study that started in January 2010. I was leading the applications task.