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The original purpose of GridPilot was to make it easy for researchers to run, preserve, rerun, share computations on the emerging national and international grid infrastructures. The word infrastructure is used in plural here – indicating our failure to create the grid. Thus GridPilot was born with a pluggable backend support.

Eventually, I created my own take at a grid … Read the rest

GridFactory software suite – overview and documentation

In this post I’ll give an overview of the GridFactory software suite (including GridPilot) and provide the minimum information to get started as well as pointers to more thorough documentation.



GridFactory is a software suite composed of the following programs:

factory_c_smallGridFactory server
The GridFactory server is the software running on the server to which jobs are submitted. It

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GridFactory server installation instructions

Notice that currently the software has only been tested on Ubuntu-9.10, 10.04 and Fedora-12, 13 – i386*

Notice also that you must first install SUN/Oracle’s Java (=1.6), either from a distribution repository or directly from Oracle.

Download and installation on Ubuntu


Download mod_gacl, mod_gridfactory, gridfactory_server: either use your browser and get the files from

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Public beta!


Dear grid warriors: new tools are now available to assist you in your battles. The GridFactory software suite, including GridPilot, is now available for download.

Supported platforms

GridPilot and GridWorker have been tested on the following platforms:

  1. Ubuntu 9.0.4, 9.10, 10.0.4 – i386
  2. Windows XP i386, Windows Vista i386 and Windows 7 i386 and x86_64
  3. Mac OS X 10.6
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CERN/ATLAS data processing on grids and GridFactory

In this post I’ll report on running the application “mc09_7TeV.107691….” from the GridPilot app store. In the case of NorduGrid and WLCG, the ATLAS software is preinstalled on the resources. In the case of GridFactory, the jobs run inside a CernVM appliance with ATLAS software loaded through the AFS network file system. The input dataset consisted of 26 files totaling … Read the rest

CERN/ATLAS Monte Carlo simulation on grids and clouds

In previous posts we saw that I/O bound jobs ran ~3 faster on standard SATA disks than on network file systems and block devices (GPFS, NFS, EBS). This post reports on CPU bound jobs. I ran standard ATLAS Monte Carlo simulation on both grid and cloud resources: imported the ATLAS simulation app and ran the default 100 small jobs, each … Read the rest