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FeynCalc status, August 2000

Here’s a status report, following Rolf’s visit in Zurich:

Present state

Over the years, many tools for calculations in QCD and OPE have been included, reflecting the interests of the author. Also, support for ChPT has been contributed as an extra module.

We regard it as important that a standardized notation has emerged for quantities like quantum fields, momenta, Dirac … Read the rest

Purpose of FeynCalc, August 2000

During Rolf’s visit in Zurich in the summer 2000, we discussed what the overall intentions are with writing a general software package for quantum field theory. Here’s what we came up with:

FeynCalc Manifesto

Rolf Mertig and Frederik Orellana
August 2000

The purpose of FeynCalc is to push the overall progress in calculational quantum field theory. FeynCalc already provides a … Read the rest